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Case Study



It’s not only an app, but a society of people who want to explore the city they live in.

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The Problem

Statistics around student wellbeing tell us that mental health negatively affects almost 50% of UK students, with anxiety and stress being most commonly reported issues. 

The Brief

Design a digital platform to help students deal with mental health struggles in a productive way. 

It should be friendly and easy to use. With an emphasis on getting rid of stress in the student population.

There is a definite burnout problem and a problem with creativity/inspiration.

What I’ve found as I’ve talked to my classmates and other students is they don’t know London and all of the cool places that bridge areas in London.

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Tour Booking 

The happy path for a user booking a tour. 

Signing up 

An important feature is the difficulty of the walk so people with difficulty walking don't feel caught out.

Users can see the landmarks they will see on the journey.

There is a description of the walk.

Finally a big call to action button

Colour Story

The look and feel is very much based on the 60's mod rocker scene. The aesthetic is so quintessentially London it felt only natural to bring these bright and bold colours into the app.  

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